Welcome to Applied Data Science Lab.

In Applied Data Science Lab., we study both analytical theories and practical problems. Machine learning, optimization, signal processing, and information theory are used as the bases of analysis and algorithm studies. Network, energy, IoT, education, game, transportation, finance, and connected car are examples of the application areas where we leisurely explore, opportunistically discover and mathematically define some of the influential problems. Recently, AI has become an important research keyword in ADS Lab.

(For potential students in Korea: 현재는 Deep Learning, Representation Learning 관련 연구만 진행하고 있습니다 (Representation as Encoding, Adversarial Examples, Meta-Learning, Self-supervised Learning, Information Theory on Deep Learning, BERT on IR, NAS/HPO, DNN Generalization Bounds). 수학과 프로그래밍에 충분히 준비가 되셨거나 성장가능성이 충분하신 경우에 지원하시기 바랍니다. *연구분야소개영상)